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pictures on walls

Otro día hablaremos del tema pero, cada vez más y más artistas que en un primer momento pintaban por las calles comienzan a vender sus obras en galerías y a exponer dentro del circuito, o en circuitos alternativos. Curiosa paradoja verdad? A mí me parece muy bien porque, francamente hay artistas muy buenos (tambien los hay muy malos) que se lo merecen y además es una manera de poder hacerse con una obra suya. Pictures on walls lleva ya unos cuantos años haciéndolo, y con un catálogo espectacular: Banksy, D Face, Jamie Hewlett...(sí, el de tank girl...)

What's your opinion, dude.
Lucy - ahh, unfinished home prtcjeos.. story of my life. lolWe are currently in the process of switching The DJ (Ty's Justin Bua print from way back) to a new frame. Well we bought a frame, brought it home.. too small. At that point the DJ was already out of the original custom frame (which i had to take apart with a screwdriver piece by piece *Rolls Eyes*). So now we have two frames standing on the floor along side of the infamous DJ. Unfinished.On a more productive note, I unpacked this fabulous italian easel the Dawn gave me & am now mobile with different painting locations. So far i've been in the front yard(haha), sitting under the big maple tree. It was lovely. But we are departing for holidays in 1 week from today, can NOT wait :D (my excuse for the unproductivity around the house haha)*Say Hi to PAPA for usJuly 20, 2012 2:11 pm
Chez,I gotta agree with "L". I enjoy paid programming a lot more than most network stuff not because of the cursing and nudity either (though heaven knows I like my goddamn boobies), but that they appear to take time to craft a good story instead of slapdash something they can wrap advertising around.Truth is I haven't gone out of my way to watch late night talk since Carson left his show so I can't say I'm a fan of either Leno or Conan, but I think the REAL winner here will be Letterman. Serves him right for his rocky start at "The Electric Company". You go, Letterman!
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for knowing your audience. The interesting thing about HP and Twilight is that they both aim at YA and have managed to hit a MUCH broader spectrum. I’ve read the first HP book and the first chapter of Twilight (the first one) and I must admit to not being sure why that’s so, but regardless belief is being suspended in terms of the more fantastic elements.
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