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Mr. Cup | Letterview.

Inspiration . Creation . Emotion / The work, the shop & the blog of Fabien Barral.

Illustration, Letterview, Graphic Design, Deco

Today we have a great surprise because a person to whom we admire and which has greatly influenced our work and which has offered to us hundreds of images and wonderful and evocative works, sent us an interview. He is Fabien, or better known as Mr. Cup.



Hola Fabien! Un honor, merci!

- Your favorite places of your city?
Friends around home!

- If no space problems, what you would love to collect?
Design books, Vinyl, Lego Figurines, Playing Cards… But I already do!! and also money ;)

- Could you draw me things you have seen while traveling that inspires you?
I am a terrible drawer, terrible!! Check my instagram instead!! @iamrcup  (only one m, my mistake!!)

- Could you name me or draw your favorite fonts?
Baskerville 1757

- Some of your motto´s?
The best designers are the one who found the good clients!!
If everything has been down, do it just even better!!

- What is the funniest thing ever sold/buy?
Back to Future & Ghostbusters logo cans at 38!!

What's your opinion, dude.